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Francis Xavier Johnson

Takeshi (CEO has been a great colleague in several projects and/or workshops in which we have collaborated during the past several years – in East Africa, India and Indonesia. When addressing a new problem or project, he brings unusually strong analytical insights accompanied by outstanding workplace and project leadership skills. He has mastered different approaches and tools that are especially important for environment-development work, including economic choice models, forecasting/simulation, spatial analysis and agricultural/climate assessments. He also works in a flexible and collegial manner that makes it easier for the whole project team to achieve its goals.

Francis Xavier Johnson

Senior Research Fellow at SEI (Stockholm Environment Institute)

I worked with Takeshi (CEO for JICA’s climate change project in Indonesia. He was an extraordinary sub-chief and expert for vulnerability assessment.

He is determined and focused to pursue his wills and goals while strategically building solid relationship with counterparts. He is also a confident challenger and pioneer to learn and develop something new.

Noguchi Junko

Sub-cheif/Expert: Vulnerability Assessment

I worked with Takeshi (CEO while I was managing the DATACLIM project on set up an climate information system at the Indonesian Weather Service (BMKG). First he was working for JICA then as indepentent consultant.

He is a very creative and open thinker who unite excellenct scientific research with attentive social skills e. g. in the field. He is the one when you need “out of the box” thinking but pragmatic and realistic solutions.

Gerhard Rappold

Water-Energy-Food Nexus and Climate Change Expert