2nd International Workshop on Sustainability

and Resilience of Bioenergy for Climate change

22-24 May 2017 

Jembrana, Canggu, Bali, Indonesia

The International Workshop on Sustainability and Resilience of Bioenergy for Climate Change is part of a series of annual workshops, taking place from 2016 to  2018, which is organized as a joint initiative of the Ministry of National Development Planning of Indonesia, the Indonesian Climate Change Trust Fund, the European Commission, Udayana University and The general objective is to accelerate bioenergy  development and promote climate change mitigation and adaptation pathways in Indonesia through the Horizon2020 projects: GreenWIN and TRANSrisk.

This year’s workshop aims to shed further light on the opportunities of biogas in Indonesia with critical reflections on the associated risks and barriers. Concrete pilot projects of the removable bio-digester bag developed by the Indonesian team will be showcased during a field trip in Jembrana. The risks and uncertainties on policy level will be addressed via stakeholder consultations and will ultimately feed into the macro-economic modelling activities led by the European team. Finally, structured group analysis will be facilitated on the topic of future business models for biogas solutions.

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