Our Partners

Gusti Cakra – Jembrana, Bali



Gusti Cakra is a pioneer in his community when it comes to sustainable agricultural practices. After experiencing the results of drought six years ago, Cakra decided it was time to switch from rice to a more sustainable and resilient alternative. He began experimenting with coffee and cacao, using cacao trees as shade trees for his coffee plants. His success has attracted over 20 new farmers in his community to learn from his sustainable methods.



Lukas Lawa – Golulada, Flores




 Lukas Lawa is the head of Golulada village. He quits his higher education to pursue his dream of improving smallholders’ farmers livelihood. He took any opportunity as much as possible to increase his knowledge and skills on cultivation. He walks miles through villages in Ende to try to assemble a group of eager farmers and to get them to start thinking about working seriously on coffee. Later on, he decided to start on his own village. Now, they have already established the cooperative namely Kopsi. Until today, his coffee knowledge and eagerness to learn brought him across Indonesia even as far as India.