Arti Indallah

Arti is a master student of the Development and Rural Innovation Programme at Wageningen University in the Netherlands. As an intern at, her main project deals with the acceptance of household biogas with a specific focus on the social aspects.

Stan Tommy

Stan is a student engineer in materials and sustainable development. As an intern at, his main project is the conception and building of a harvesting rainwater system, and is additionally involved in branding and design activities. Besides his studies, he is interested in drawing, sailing and build all kind of things.

Cyprient Donnet

Cyprien is a 4th year student of engineering studies at ESIREM engineering school in Dijon (France), and specializes in material and sustainable development. He supports the green business project on biogas through testing biodigester technologies and providing recommendations for improvement.

Kai The

Kai is a computer science student from Amsterdam andÊis pursuing a Bachelor in IT-Management. He spends most of his time onÊthe computer looking for ways toÊapply IT to our projects.
Likes to relax by eating sate and running on the beach.

Joshi Boomputte

Joshi is in his Master year of Business Administration Ð Marketing/Sales in Ghent, Belgium. He is investigating the consumerÕs willingness to pay for sustainable coffee. In his spare time, he likes to travel, surf and he is combining his love for football as a player and coach.