Novelita W. Mondamina

Novelita contributes to bioenergy initiatives, primarily through her extensive research capabilities. Her scope of interest covers the social, technological and scientific perspectives relevant to Indonesia. After she graduated from Institut Teknologi Banding (ITB) in Chemistry, she continued her studies at the University of Southampton, obtaining a MSc degree in Energy and Sustainability: Climate Change and Energy Resources, with a LPDP Scholarship.

Cynthia Juwita Ismail

Cynthia is involved in a number of collaborative projects with international agencies e.g. EU (i.e. GreenWIN and TRANSrisk), UNIDO, UNDP and ADB. With a main focus on climate change adaptation and mitigation, she is designing for clean energy at household level. She has been working in the area of climate change as a researcher since 2012Êand obtained aÊMSc degree in Management and Engineering of Environment and Energy from KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

Arti Indallah

Arti is a master student of the Development and Rural Innovation Programme at Wageningen University in the Netherlands. As an intern at, her main project deals with the acceptance of household biogas with a specific focus on the social aspects.