Marco Ghiandelli

Marco is an Environmental engineer master student from Italy. Once he completed his bachelor in civil and environmental engineering at the university of Florence, he decided to move to the Nordic countries to pursue a double master degree. He contributes to technology research and the development of a small-scale biodigester bag, as part of his master thesis dissertation.

Yuya Ohishi

Yuya is an undergraduate student in Economics from Japan. He has been engaged in international institution, aiming to achieve Sustainable Development since 2014. As an intern, main focus is to research on foreign measures against climate change including water resource management and approach from foundation etc. In addition, he has a role in organization development ( mainly from scale-expanding.

Monique Dick

Monique is currently enrolled in a Bachelor of Science programme studying Management of Renewable Energies in Germany focused on biomass and bio-engineering. As an intern at she wants to improve and consolidate her knowledge. Her main projects deal with development and maintenance of Su-re.coÕs Social Media and Su-re Coffee.

Henry Kulla

Henry Kulla grew up in the Swiss mountains and studied Human-Environment systems at the ETH Zurich. His ambition to protect the environment and support developing countries, combined with his wanderlust, led him to, where he assists in developing our various projects. In his free time, he likes to pick things up, and put them back down.

Gregoire Schenirer

Grégoire is a French student following a Master degree in Business at Neoma Business School. As a Business student engaged in social and environmental protection, his ambition is to increase people awaraness on sustainability in economics and management and to drive change towards sustainability worldwide. As an intern, his main objective is to manage project.

Giacomo Ciavatti

Giacomo is a newly graduate environmental engineer from Italy. He completed his bachelor in environmental engineering at the university of La Sapienza in Rome, followed by a double degree achieved in DTU, Denmark, and Aalto University. He contributes to the development of biodigester and water tank solutions.

Syeda Shama Tahsin

Syeda Shama Tahsin Choudhury, King Isa Khan Royals, is a biogas futurist and real estate developer, who is very keen in making inventive and renewable engineering solutions with humanitarian principles. She was born in Bangladesh, but grew up in different countries. In, she is very excited to succeed with her passion for biogas and strengthen biogas smart agricultural business, following lean operation fundamentals.

Arti Indallah

Arti is a master student of the Development and Rural Innovation Programme at Wageningen University in the Netherlands. As an intern at, her main project deals with the acceptance of household biogas with a specific focus on the social aspects.

Stan Tommy

Stan is a student engineer in materials and sustainable development. As an intern at, his main project is the conception and building of a harvesting rainwater system, and is additionally involved in branding and design activities. Besides his studies, he is interested in drawing, sailing and build all kind of things.

Kai The

Kai is a computer science student from Amsterdam andÊis pursuing a Bachelor in IT-Management. He spends most of his time onÊthe computer looking for ways toÊapply IT to our projects.
Likes to relax by eating sate and running on the beach.