Justinas Teresius

Justinas graduated in Software Engineering at Vilnius University in Lithuania. He has international experience having worked in Lithuania, Canada and United Kingdom. With Justinas’ expertise being in web development, his main project is development and maintenance of the su-re.co website and other technical tasks.

Henry Kulla

Henry Kulla grew up in the Swiss mountains and studied Human-Environment systems at the ETH Zurich. His ambition to protect the environment and support developing countries, combined with his wanderlust, led him to su-re.co, where he assists in developing our various projects. In his free time, he likes to pick things up, and put them back down.

Antonin Rhodes

Antonin is a 4th year student in a French master double-degree program between Toulouse Business School and Toulouse Institute of Political Sciences. Very interested in environmental and social projects, he manages su-re.coffee project and develops its marketing strategy. After this internship, he will be back in France for his last academic semester.

Margaux Cade

Margaux is a biological engineering student from France. Her internship in su-re.co is her first time working on an environmental project. Before that, she did another internship in health research. Within the company, she is working on the biogas project, and more specifically about bioslurry. The aim is to show its effect on the growth of a different plant.

Juliette Bocquentin

Juliette is a student in a French school specialized in bio-engineering. After gaining experience in a health research establishment, she wanted to do an environmental internship. Her mission is to contribute to the development of biodigesters and more specifically to the utilization of the bioslurry by farmers.

Auditya Sari

Auditya is involved in a wide range of activities, including environmental research, event management, scouting for interns, and assisting in grant applications. She obtained a bachelor degree in Chemistry from Udayana University with a full scholarschip from Pertamina Foundation, and will move to Sweden in autumn 2017 to pursue a Master degree in Chemistry for Sustainable Development at Uppsala University

Arti Indallah

Arti is a master student of the Development and Rural Innovation Programme at Wageningen University in the Netherlands. As an intern at su-re.co, her main project deals with the acceptance of household biogas with a specific focus on the social aspects.

Yasmine Adelantado

Yasmine is a consumption sciences student at Laval University, QuŽbec city, and wish to pursue with a masterÕs degree in rural development. She spends most of her time reading and talking about coffee, that is why she is involved in the green business project on coffee.

Saskia Straub

Saskia is currently finishing high school in England and is looking forward to studying Environmental Policy at University. She was interested in an internship at su-re.co to gain an understanding of how an environmental company operates and what jobs there are in the environmental field. Her goals are to advance her knowledge about sustainable farming practices as well as to learn more about the benefits of biogas in Indonesia.

Stan Tommy

Stan is a student engineer in materials and sustainable development. As an intern at su-re.co, his main project is the conception and building of a harvesting rainwater system, and is additionally involved in branding and design activities. Besides his studies, he is interested in drawing, sailing and build all kind of things.