Code of culture

Code of Culture

Culture of is like a good Japanese garden, fairly static, but is living, and needs  good care.  As grows, the scene of our garden will change.  At this start-up stage, we live in a simple garden of four stones and we need to practice the characteristics of “Sustainable and resilient", “Science-based”, “Dojo”, and “Honest and responsible”.


1st Stone: Sustainable and Resilient

Our business has a key role to be, to make, and to work for sustainability and resilience. We need both short-term profits and long-term benefits, but the latter has more priority as long as we can survive.  We should not target businesses that merely generate 2% of profit margin and fight the tiny profit with our partners. Too much greed will destroy the environment, partnership, and our business, eventually. Our work style has to be sustainable for years and be resilient against the problems.  To work well, we have to have a comfortable working environment and enjoyable life.



2nd Stone: Science-based​

Whatever we produce and publish has to be based on scientific facts or the result of scientific process. We cannot advocate fake-environmental-anecdote. The scientific process is the journey of finding truth and the scientific facts change as the journey goes on.  We need to update our knowledge and reflect the current and project situations. In the other words, we have to equip ourselves with critical thinking and continuously improve our knowledge, products, and actions. We have to input new field based on information and theoretical facts, think really deep, and produce solid output. Without good inputs, we cannot produce a good output. We will not stack and think hard to find a solution instead of just waiting for something that might happen. We have to respect and support our colleagues to practice the journey of finding truth.



3rd Stone: Dojo is a Dojo, "a place of the way".  We learn and improve the way which I may translate as Ikigai2. Each of us focuses on one skill or knowledge to be a "black belt master" because everyone is at least good at one thing.  Mistakes are allowed in as long as it is the result of the best effort and goodwill.  We acknowledge the mistakes and agree to learn.  We learn good and bad things by mistake. If we have a greater goal and dream beyond such as going to PhD or setting up a new company, we do not need to hide.  We can use to improve our skills as this is a dojo.  After leaving, we become alumnus.  The end of our contract does not mean the end of our relationship.



4th Stone: Honest and Responsible

We have to be honest to ourselves and responsible for our actions and output.  We have to recommend and sell products what we honestly love.  Our workstyle has to be the same as what we recommend in our consultation reports and research journal. Again, we should sell only products we ourselves would like to use. gives freedom, but freedom comes with responsibility. If we can produce output, it does not matter how we work. If one would like to go surfing after lunch or attend a kid’s meeting, you can do it.  But, they have to work during other time to produce the output promised. We also support each other to share  freedom and responsibility.