bringing Su-re.brew show to Rotary Club is bringing its “Su-re.brew” idea to Rotary Club of Bali Canggu. Su-re brew is coffee project blending with biogas business, it is a prospective green business which enabling environment with win-win solution.
Meanwhile, The Canggu Rotary Club is a young club which are an active, vibrant club passionate about serving the local Canggu community and further afield in Bali. The club revolves around two themes – fellowship and projects. Environmental projects are popular amongst club membership. The club recently launched an organic composting project together with friends at Rotary Club of Bali Taman, to teach local residents how to compost their domestic food waste and even sell the resulting compost, reducing the huge amount of waste going to landfill every week. will enrich Rotary environmental projects. Florian Radigue is presenting “Su-re.brew Live Rotary Club.”, a community coffee-biogas business under GreenWin European Commission research project. He will be starred as the idea presenter and taking the stage with Chafia and Amira, our biogas designer, at the Rotary seminar.
“Su-re.brew Live Rotary Club” is scheduled to begin previews at 6pm in the Tugu Hotel, Canggu, Bali in Tuesday, August 2nd 2016. Please tell us if you will come to the seminar at the end of Jalan Batu Bolong. The registration is needed and the entry fee will be IDR 80K per person. It includes a drink like soft drink, beer, wine, long drink, etc and very nice canape’s. Register now to guarantee yourself a spot by contacting: or .
Let’s come and learning about our project, you can enjoy our interesting idea and finish the evening chatting to members over a cup of our coffee!
You can also get more information about Su-re.brew next show on the samadi market exhibition which will start this sunday @Canggu. We welcome any public feedback regarding the project. See you Tuesday!

Connecting biogas to the coffee roasting machine