Summer internship with coffee and bioenergy

After welcoming four new members in last month, continues its summer internship programme by accepting more interns. This month, June, Alba Juarez Ballester and Natalie Nylund arrive in Bali and joining team.
Business, volunteering, and international development issues were at the tip of Alba’s fingers, she participated actively in several Model United Nations in New York and Rome. At that time, Alba was student in Institut Libre des Relations Internationales, Paris, France, majoring International Relations. She began to research what institution would work best for her, when she did internship in Economic and Commercial Office of The Spanish Embassy in India. As a result, after graduating from her degree, she landed her choice by pursuing Master Degree in International Business in the same school in Paris.
Natalie is originally from Stockholm, Sweden. She studied economics at Södertörns högskola and INSEEC Business School, France. Alba and Natalie help Florian and Anna in running the coffee-bioenergy project. They look forward to learning the strategic skills necessary to effectively analyze and improve a company’s business model; especially through project developments. Finally, they hope to gain experience and knowledge to help her build the future.
Last week, they experimented coffee bean selecting, roasting, and brewing after after-5-BBQ at They also worked with Mark Hiriart for a coffee experimentation on June 16th 2016. Mark owns a specialty coffee trading company called Golden Future Trading, based in Hong Kong and is also a coffee Q-Grader. Very helpful and exciting meeting for the progress of the project. Mark has provided valuable information from his own experience and knowledge that he has gained from many years in the coffee sector. The interns now have a better understanding of several factors for improving the quality of coffee beans before, during and after harvesting. It was a first great meeting, and the project hopes for further support.
You may see them asking your opinion on our coffee-bioenergy-community project on the Canggu beach, Bali, this Friday (24/6). Please help them. Thank you!

The Coffee Show

Hi everyone !
(Make sure to watch it in Full HD)
The Team is pleased to present its first coffee experimentation for its community-based project.
Below, please find a quick presentation of our project.